Until relatively recently, humans looked at the world as an assemblage of isolated objects without connecting them all into a unified scene. It was not until these isolated objects were depicted within the frame of images that the landscape was conceived. Therefore, the image has always been inextricably linked to the landscape.

As our globalized society has become increasingly skeptical of images (especially in digital media), given their ability to be changed and fabricated, photography in general still retains some degree of perceived authenticity. Photography’s seemingly objective nature as a medium capable of producing accurate representations contributes to its perceived level of realism.

This project is the delineation of a “room” where events are reflected, distorted, or framed and a panoramic space is allowed to be warped.

It became important to reveal through reflections and distortion some of what was happening behind the frame of the image. Aluminum sheets became visually and auditorily interesting as the new wall material. Further images and studies of configurations, reveal and fabricate new ways of perceiving and revealing this construction’s potentials. This construction general pushes against notions of the original panoramic building as a total fixed entity and image.

Black and white photos by Jade Brand