Studies have informed the current project, in which three “rooms” are delineated through different media and constructions, with the hope that the accumulation of diverse experiences will create tension and dialogue between the different forms of representation.  Through the framing of the field of view, each room facilitates events and phenomenons. With rigorous documentation through photography, a room can be considered through various fragments and scales, forming a sense of a whole in the mind of the viewer. The work will inhabit a place between what is and what might be, continually emphasizing the difficulty of separating lived experience from our representations of it.

This Process Book was created in the midst of my reseach and studies on the photographic experience of architecture, and the experiential perameters of framing. It is a collection of the work shared above, as well as glimpses of other facets of architectural experience and historical precedents that I found relevant and worthy of citing.

The formal characteristics of my studies, and that of the work to come out of it, influences the very structure of the book where the experience of framing and viewing aparatuses are brought directly to the page: windows within pages give focused, and carefully directed glimpses into the following pages.

While there is a loose sequence to the work gathered in this book, the overall structure is unbound, allowing one to reshuffle content, integrate new findings and encourage viewers to play with the windows and frames this document offers.